NBC Cancels 'The Playboy Club'

NBC is known for quickly giving low rating shows the ax and they didn't make an exception when it came to their newest fall show The Playboy Club staring Eddie Cibrian.

As if getting cut wasn't bad enough the shows also gotten the tittle of being the first cancelled show of the season...sucks.

I never watched the show and don't think I would have cared to but it's always sad when a network doesn't even give it a chance to make it.

According to EW, the show premiered to low ratings and just kept dropping with each new episode. In it's place NBC will repeat the fantastic (IMO) Prime Suspect staring Maria Bello as a bad ass Homicide Detective in NY. However there are rumors that this great cop-drama won't get renewed either due to it's somewhat lower ratings. Watch it people! <-- me begging

NBC did however pick up a full season of Up All Night and Whitney*.

I guess it's back to Lifetime movies for Eddie Cibrian, or should I say Mr. LeAnn Rimes.

*I watched this show 2x & no lie, it's so lame!