Gossip Reporter Zack "Taylor" Teperman Sells Popular Gossip Site!

Who knew he was such a cutie...

That's right, Zack Taylor (real name Zack Teperman) of ZackTaylor.ca has sold the site to CheaterVille Inc., a Las Vegas online social media company.

For those of you who aren't aware ZackTaylor.ca is one of the largest celebrity gossip and premiere entertainment websites in Canada. In a statement by James McGibney, CheaterVille's founder & CEO stated:
“By acquiring the rights to ZackTaylor.ca and their sub-domains, we are continuing to expand our reach into the Canadian market by appealing to the millions of viewers who have visited his site since it first launched back in 2007. Furthermore, we will be rebranding it shortly as the Internet’s first all-inclusive website to find out about exclusive celebrity cheating scandals. I want to thank all of our Canadian fans for their unbelievable support in our continued effort to fight infidelity!"
The gossip site was first launched by former radio host Zack "Taylor" Teperman in Toronto,Canada and has been dubbed the "Perez Hilton website of the North".

Teperman commented on the sale of his site by saying:
I will definitely miss it but I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life. It has been an exciting few years building the site into what it is today, but now my baby has grown up and it’s time to let CheaterVille take it to a whole new level, which I’m very excited to see. I knew it wouldn’t be just a blogging site forever and after looking at what CheaterVille has planned for the website, which has never been done before, is going to blow people’s minds!”
No news on  how much the site was actually sold for or what Zack intends to do now but if you follow him on twitter you'll know that he's already begun having fun by visiting the famous Saddle Ranch restaurant in Los Angeles last night, in celebration of the sale.

Congratulations Zack & good luck with whatever you decide to do next!