'Revenge' Cast Gather For A Pillow Fight!

The main cast of ABC's hit show Revenge got together for a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, which included a very fun pillow fight...
Connor Paolo (Declan on the show) is a good buddy of mine and when he told me everyone on his cast was awesome and game for a crazy shoot I had my doubts, its rare that the entire group of people are all awesome and all game they did not disappoint! This shoot was so fun and such an incredible group of people can’t wait to do it again.”
In the photos you can see all of the super hot male cast shirtless, while the female cast is sporting tops with black undies. 


I'm a HUGE fan of the show so I'm glad to see that they'd all come together for a fun photo shoot that didn't have anything to do with the show or promoting it. Hopefully this show & it's cast will stick around for a few years.

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