Adam Sandler's Wife Wanted Him To Have Love Scene With Katie Holmes

Adam Sandler visited the David Letterman show the other night to promote his new flick Jack & Jill.

There he opened up about how he got Tom Cruis' blessing for his wife, Katie Holmes to play Sandler's wife in the film. According to Sandler, Cruise stated "This is weird that my wife is going to be your wife in the movie, it's very weird, it's bizarre" where Sandler then informed him that there was no need to worry as "It's a PG movie".
"In fact, anything I do with your wife in the movie, you can do with my wife. So every morning I'd go to the set and hear 'please do a love scene. Please slowly take your shirt off in that scene and rub her ever so tenderly.'"
Except it wasn't Cruise saying that, it was Jackie, Sandler's wife. Apparently Jackie is big fan of the Mission Impossible star and wanted a piece of that, haha.

Below is a hilarious video of Sandler talking to Letterman about trying to have sex with his wife in a house with kids...and Elmo.