Taylor Swift Performs With Rapper T.I. In Atlanta (Video)

Little Ms. Country decided to detour for a brief moment and team up with rapper T.I. for a performance of his 2008 hit song 'Live Your Life' during her Atlanta show on Sunday night.

21-year-old Taylor Swift took charge of the song by singing the intro and parts usually sang by Rhianna. The crowd roared and cheered as the pop-country singer introduced the rapper. 

Swift later tweeted:
"unreal" performance. "LOUDEST screams from the crowd, 14,000 people, hands in the air,"
 T.I wasn't the only person to share the stage with Swift that night, R&B singer Usher also hit the stage for a duet of his 2004 hit single, 'Yeah' with her.

I don't mind her voice but there's just something about her that really annoys me. Maybe it's the way she walks, sort of hunched over...?