Jack Osborne Is Going To Be A Father!

That's right, the crazy haired guy you used to watch on MTV is now clean & sober and set to be not only a father, but also a husband.

25-year-old Jack Osborne, son of rock star Ozzy Osborne, has not only confirmed his engagement to his girlfriend of four months, Lisa Stelly but also that she's expecting his child. Jack made an appearance on the Piers Morgan Tonight show on Tuesday & stated the following on the pregnancy-
"I'm excited. I'm a little nervous,"
Jack has kept himself somewhat behind the scenes by producing, his latest work being a documentary about his father "God Bless Ozzy". It's said that Lisa is an actress but I looked her up and didn't see anything more than a short walk on role & guest appearance...guess that's all it takes to be labeled an actress nowadays.

This will be the first child for both Jack and 26-year-old Lisa who gushed about her engagement on twitter:
"The most amazing man I've ever met asked me to marry him....and he wasn't joking!" Stelly, 26, Tweeted last month. "Crazy, right? :)." 
Sharon Osborne, Jack's mom, has already stated she will be letting her grandchild get away with "everything",
"That's what comes with being a grandmother. You can spoil, you can indulge, and then say, 'Okay, now let your parents be the ones to teach you right from wrong. I'm not. What do you want? Have it!' 
Congratulations to them!