Give Me Another Chance Telling Ashton Kutcher Begged To Demi Moore

This is the latest development, according to reports, in the rumors surrounding the break-up of Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher, 33 and Demi Moore, 48 - Kucher has "begged his wife for forgiveness".

The couple is believed to be going through a difficult time after Kutcher allegedly cheated on Moore with Sara Leal, 23. Kutcher allegedly cheated on Moore when he had unprotected sex with Leal, at a hot-tub party.

The couple is still, officially tight-lipped about the whole episode. Kutcher had to force a smile on his face, when posing with Jason Segal of "How I Met Your Mother" fame, at the "Decade of Difference Concert" at the Hollywood Bowl, according to a Daily Mail report.
There are also rumors of Moore having already consulted a divorce lawyer, along with other reports that say that Kutcher moved out of the couple's house, back in September, following his wife's increasing substance abuse problems. However, neither of these has been confirmed by any official source.
Leal recently gave an interview to US Weekly, where she revealed explicit details of her encounter with the star of popular television sitcom, "Two And A Half Men". Leal spoke in detail about her alleged sexual encounter at a San Diego hotel and also told the tabloid that Kutcher told her he was separated from Moore. It is unclear if Leal was paid for the interview. However, a report in Page Six said that Leal was looking for a six-figure deal for her version of the events.