David Arquette Is Officially Dating Someone Other Than Wife...

I had really really high hopes that David Arquette and wife-actress Courtney Cox-Arquette could work out their issue and get back together. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case because actor David Arquette is formally dating some bimbo.

Am I being harsh? Probably. 

DWTS contestant Arquette told Howard Stern that his new girlfriend, Christina McLarty is "adorable". Yeah, isn't that what you say when you're describing your daughter? Creepy.

Some of you may know Christina as being the ex-wife of sleazy Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. The two were married less than two months before divorcing in 2010, no surprise there.

Arquette and McLarty were first spotted together at Comic Con in San Diego in late July but Arquette said they were just friends. He's now stating they met at a "boat party" and that "we try to see each other as much as possible."
"I'm not one to run around with different girls," he said. "I like someone that makes me feel good and that I can make feel good."
Cox & Arquette announced their separation last October, after 11 years of marriage. They have one daughter together and have appeared in public together, proving their at least friendly.

Too bad they couldn't work out but this girl, she just seems like right.