'Top Chef' Finalist Morgan Wilson Indicted On Child Porn...

Those are not charges to be messed around with.

Top Chef: Just Desserts finalist 38-year-old Morgan Wilson of Plano, Texas has been indicted on three second-degree felony charges with possession and intent to distribute child porn. He could be looking at 10 years in jail if convicted.

I never watched the Bravo show but it's said that Wilson was pretty hot tempered and had a lot of outburst...not that it was a sign or anything, just what I read. 

According to Plano Star-Courier, Wilson was arrested last December after an undercover investigators received file transfers from his computer that allegedly contained images and videos of children as young as toddlers engaged in sexual acts.

Yikes. If it's not true then I hope he gets out but if he actually gets off on this stuff then lets hope they put him in the pen with the rest of the pigs.