Celebrity Gossip-Lady Gaga "Tramps" It Up With Tony Bennett in New Music Video

The lady is a tramp? Not hardly. The lady is a lady. In all her blue-haired, big-voiced glory.


We didn't know Tony Bennett would turn out to be the hottest duet partner of the pop star set, but that's just what he's
turned out to be, as fresh from the release of his posthumous single with Amy Winehouse, Tony has teamed up with Lady Gaga, today releasing the music video for their pipe-flaunting partnership, "The Lady Is a Tramp."

Much like his video with Amy, this one features the two crooners belting it out and hamming it up side-by-side in a studio, with Gaga getting into full broad mode, swilling a drink, flirting with Tony and even dancing him during the song breaks.

All this with no egg incubators or skin horns in sight—the only thing the lady is displaying in this video is her talent. 'Bout time.