ABC Cancels 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot...

And I don't think anyone's surprised. This show looked like a flop from the get go.

ABC has decided to axe the Charlie's Angels reboot. Production on the Miami-set has been shutdown and remaining episodes of the show will continue to air until the network decides what will air in it's place.

Regardless of the fact that this show has great advertising and actress Drew Barrymore was the executive producer, the show still failed in the rating section. Charlie Angels premiered to a very disappointing 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and the show took a drastic fall since then.

This is the fifth show to be canceled this season. Free Agents, The Playboy Club, H8R, How to Be a Gentleman have all been cut as well.

Looks like these ladies will have to go back to their high paying modeling to be them, right?