Jonah Hill To Matthew Morrison "You Better Bring Your Shit!"

Dude loses a little bit weight & he thinks he tough out, ha-ha.

Jonah Hill has some beef with Glee star Matthew Morrison and talked a bit about it on Thursday's Jimmy Fallon show. Apparently it all began when Hill attended the Fox Upfronts Presentation this year for his upcoming new shows and Morrison mistakenly ridiculed him for talking during instructions by saying:
'Yeah Jonah, can't you stop talking for one second?'
 And of course everyone laughed & Hill felt like the fat guy in the joke again. Wuah-wuah-wuah.
"Everyone laughed at me! I wasn't even talking to anybody, I was just sitting there! I not only get called out by this woman, but this dude from Glee calls me out."
To make matters worse Hill says that he later attended a "d***ey Hollywood party" when he overheard Morrison talking to the "Gossip Girl guy" and then heard him say his name as the punchline of a joke...ouch!

And that's the straw that broke the chubby guys' back because Jonah decided to officially call Morrison out on it on Jimmy's show by stating:
"Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your shit next time I see you, dude,"
"I call dudes out on Jimmy Fallon!"
He means business...but I'd still put my money on cutie Matthew Morrison.