Celebrity Gossip Emma Roberts & AnnaSophia Robb: “Anything But Ordinary”

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Now hot celebrity Emma Roberts and AnnaSophia Robb are joining forces on a new project, they’re both top-notch actresses in their own right.

The “Hotel For Dogs” dame and the “Soul Surfer” starlet will both star in “Anything But Ordinary,” a joint venture from Alloy Entertainment and Southpaw Entertainment.

According to a press release, “‘Ordinary’ is the story of a seventeen-year-old diving phenom who suffers a tragic accident during her final Olympic trials. When she wakes from a coma five years later, as a 21-year old, she is considered a medical miracle. But what no one else knows is that the young woman has become a synesthete, processing words and numbers through color, the third dimension and sound.”
Also on board for the project are director Sanaa Hamri, screenplay writer Charlie Craig, and producer Richard Lewis.

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