Tara Reid Gets Married After Being Engaged For A Couple Of Hours! {Updated)

That's right, the American Pie alum hadn't even been engaged for a full day before she and Danish businessman Michael Lilleund got hitched.

35-year-old Tara Reid and Michael got married in Greece on Saturday, her rep Jack Ketsoyan confirmed to PEOPLE.

Tara tweeted after her wedding:
"Just got married in greece I love being a wife,"
She recently wrapped filming for the upcoming American Pie sequel, American Reunion. She and Lilleund met in Saint-Tropez in November. This was not Tara's first engagement either, she had previously been engaged to Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann but called it off in 2010.

Seems pretty rushed but hopefully it'll work out for them. She needs something stable...

__________ Edit _____________________

Well it appears that Tara Reid switched fellas on us because as it turns out she didn't marry her supposed boyfriend Michael Lilleund, she married Zack Kehayov. How do we know this? Because she tweeted it of course!

Not much is known about Zack. I Googled him & nothing came up besides the fact that he married this has been, haha. Also, I dont know if Tara's aware but the U.S. doesn't recognize marriages from Greece. I wonder if she'll be making it real here in the States? My guess is NO cause this is probably a publicity stunt.

Here's a photo of her and her new husband. They sure were quick to sell their photo(s).