Sneak Peak: Johnny Depp In 'The Rum Diary'

My husband is a ginormous fan of Hunter S. Thompson's and has anxiously waited for news on this movie so I'm sure fans like him are going to pleased that things are moving along nicely.

The above photo shows a very {hot} retro looking Johnny Depp with Amber Heard who will be playing his obsession in the big screen adaption of the book.

There were rumors of the novel making it to the big screen before Thompson's suicide in 2005 but a screenplay was not written until a few years ago. Filming for the film began in 2009 in Puerto Rico and so far has a release date of October 28, 2011.

Depp, who was a very close friend of Thompons' recently stated to EW that he may have filmed this movie before Pirates of the Charibbean: On Stranger Tides but delayed the release of the film because:
You can’t open it next to some blockbuster thing,” he says. ”It’s a special little film.”
I love that it means so much to him that he's stop it from being swept aside by any 'bigger' films.

Johnny Depp will star as Paul Kemp, an itinerant journalist who tires of New York and America under the Eisenhower administration and travels to Puerto Rico to write for The San Juan Star. Kemp begins the habit of drinking rum and becomes obsessed with the woman Chenault (Amber Heard).

I never read the book but you can pretty much assume this is going to be a great film since Depp is staring in it!