Demi Lovato Wants Everyone To Get Over Her Weight Gain...

I'm not a fan of hers but have to agree with her, people need to leave it alone. Honestly, the girl put on like 10 lbs...big whoop!

Demi Lovato has been the topic of conversation since returning from rehab for her eating disorder and all the talk hasn't always been nice. Demi made an appearance at Sunday's MTV Music Awards wearing a very fitted low cut silver dress and as nice as she looked, it didn't take the attention away from the fact that she may have gained a few.

The singer decided to address the comments by tweeting (of course):
I’ve gained weight. Get over it. That’s what happens when you get out of treatment for AN EATING DISORDER.
However, she quickly deleted the tweet after #DemiLovato became a trending topic and posted the following:
Guess what, I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t. :) #UNBROKEN
In all truth, she doesn't look fat. Her face is a little chubs but I think it's only because of her jaw line. What I don't care for is all of the excess make up & tanning...she's starting to look like she belongs on the cast of Jersey Shore.