Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back The 90's

All of those shows you grew up watching on Nickelodeon are coming back!

The 'TeenNick' network will begin airing all of the 90's favorites on Monday nights between 12am - 2am, under the title, The ‘90s Are All That.
"Shows like Double Dare, Clarissa Explains It All and Legends of the Hidden Temple will be broadcasted at first, but Cyma Zarghami, the channel’s president, has said that the audience will decide which shows they want to see later down the road by monitoring comments on the Facebook page and conducting polls from time to time. "
I remember watching all of these shows when I was a teen. I also remember not being all that heartbroken when they went off the air...they couldn't go on forever, right?

Here's the promo for the new late night segment: