'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Disses Demi Lovato Through Twitter...

Who does Farrah Abraham think she is? 

Seems like those new tatas of hers gave her some balls because the Teen Mom star took to her twitter account to talk shit on the singer-actress Demi Lovato.

Ouch...those are some hurtful words Farrah. And, adding that smiley face at the end doesn't mean shit when you're kicking someone in the groin.

So, it looks like the world might be graced with Farrah's annoying ass voice on an album soon  because according to her she's now going to try her hand at singing...NO! Guess that modeling career of hers never took off ha-ha.

Demi just released her first single “Skyscraper” after completing treatment for an eating disorder. I actually think she has a pretty good voice and the song is really real. Good for you Demi!

Here's the video "Skyscraper"