'Bad Girls Club' Stars Natalie & Lea Show Off Their Goods {NSFW}

If you've ever seen the Bad Girls Club then you already know that Natalie Nunn and Lea Bieulieu are two of the bad girls that always stood out and claimed they were the baddest of 'bad asses'. The pair recently stared in Oxygen's show Love Games and as much as they seemed to have despises one another on the show the two went out together...with no cameras but their own.

According to MediaTakeOut, Natalie and Lea were on a flight from Cleveland to Miami when the sluts girls got a little bored and tipsy and decided it would be a good idea to take out their boobies and photograph them. 

Smart ones aren't they?  

Personally, I think they're just trying to stay relevant by being skanky since their 15 minutes of fame are long over. You'd think that Natalie could afford to get that Leno chin taken care of now that she's been on 2 Oxygen shows...that thing is huge! 

I posted a censored photo (below) because I don't want to get sued for posting some has-beens' naughty bits. But, if you want to see all of the 4 UNCENSORED PHOTOS click HERE.