Diablo Cody Is Revising The Latest Script For 'The Evil Dead' Remake

Diablo Cody is staying busy these days.

What with making her making her directorial debut on her newest flick Lamb of God and now she's helping out director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell by revising the latest draft of The Evil Dead remake.

Raimi and Campbell tapped Fede Alvarez, who made himself known via his short film Panic Attack, to write and direct the 1981 remake.
In the original 1981 film that starred Campbell, five friends at a remote cabin in the woods unknowingly summon demons from an ancient civilization, causing all sorts of bloody and gory problems.
There's no news as who may be starring in the film or if Campbell will possibly make a cameo in it...although, that would be totally cool for the hard-core fans *cough* my husband *cough*.

I've only seen 3/4 of the movie and gotta say I found it to be really cheesy but apparently that's what made it famous.

There were 2 sequels to the original which didn't make it anywhere but into the back of someones dusty closet. Raimi's longtime editor, Bob Murawaski briefly commented on the scale of the remake by saying:
"Evil Dead" "will be a small indie thing like the first two."