'RHOC' Vicki Gunvalson Defends Deadbeat Boyfriend!

My mom always told me not to say anything about other people's situations because I may find myself there one day...well I'm not good at taking directions and neither is Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson.

It seems that the not-yet-divorced Vicki has found herself in a situation much like fellow housewife Gretchen Rossi, they both are in love with what Tamra Barney likes to call a "deadbeat". That's right, Slade Smiley isn't the only one that's been in trouble for not paying child support.

2010 court records show that Vicki's new boyfriend Brooks Ayers was in jail for not paying child support (he owed about $40,000 to two different woman) and Vicki even hand wrote a letter (2 months before filing for divorce from husband Don *gasp*) to the judge asking him to be released. Wow...
He is not a deadbeat dad,” says Vicki. “He is a wonderful man and a wonderful father,” a very emotional Vicki told the Rumor Fix. “He has integrity and loves his children more than life. He just fell on hard times, like we all did. He works in a commission-based business as do I, and his child support payment amounts were based on when he was making a lot more money. He couldn’t pay his child support and in the state of Mississippi the laws make it very difficult.”
Sound a bit familiar? It should, that's almost the same thing Gretchen said about her boyfriend Slade and they still kept labeling him a 'deadbeat'. My, my...how the tables have turned.

But the juicy gossip doesn't end there because apparently an ex-girlfriend of Books' is claiming he and Vicki have been involved for years, if not months before she filed for divorce! Makes total sense since he's the same dude that looked a lot like Don and was all up on Vicki when she and Tamra went to Cabo for a 'girls trip' last season...remember? Yep, he's the same dude.

Vicki claims she did in fact know Brooks back in 2007 but nothing ever happened between the two. Yeah right. No wonder her daughter Brianna won't even talk to her, she probably found out she was tramping around on poor Don while they were married.

I can't wait for next season, I wonder what Tamra will have say when it comes to her BFF's boyfriend being a 'deadbeat'?

According to Vicki she and Brooks have been dating for 8 months, that's exactly the same amount of months it's been since she filed for divorce in October.

What do you think, did Vicki cheat on Don?

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