Lindsay Lohan Test Positive For Alcohol

Man, this girl is seriously messed up. First the drugs & alcohol, then the stealing and now she fails? Dang Linds it's not that hard to stay away from the booze.

According to OK! magazine the has-been actress tested positive for alcohol last week and headed back into to court for like the thousandth time this morning. Honestly, they need to just leave this girl in the slammer for a few months. If you keep breaking the rules then you deserve the punishment that any other citizen would get...jail time.

TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan was tested twice last week. She tested positive for one test and negative on the other. On of them was taken right after she had a BBQ rooftop party...go figure. At least the girl tested negative for drugs on both tests.

I often look at this mess of a woman & wonder where that hottie from Mean Girls went? Can we get her back please.

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