EXCLUSIVE Interview With Hottie 'Saddle Ranch' Star Dave Collins!

That's right people, I was given the opportunity to interview VH1's Saddle Ranch cutie Dave Collins!

To be completely honest, I had heard of the show but never actually watched it until I was contacted about the interview and I gotta say, I really really liked it. It was like a less raunchy version of The Real World with people just trying to live their very much real life while living in Los Angles and working at the very popular Saddle Ranch restaurant.

The first season of the show just ended on June 16 and as of now there's no news of a second season. I'm really hoping they'll bring it back because based on the interview with Dave, I definitely want to see if he and Nancee took their 'friendship' a bit further and maybe, just maybe, we'll get another chance to see Dave ride the mechanical bull in his underwear again *fingers crossed*.

Here's Dave's entire interview:

ITL: You’re originally from Minnesota, how does living in L.A. differ from living there?
Dave: Originally born in Houston Texas, moved to Minnesota when I was 11 to get closer to family in the mid west. Its a lot different than Minnesota, everyone is on the Go here in LA and Minnesota is laid back! The traffic in LA is a pain in the ass! However the weather here in LA is way better, Minnesota gets so cold!

ITL: At what point in life did you go ‘I think I want to make the 2,000 mile move to Los Angeles’?
Dave: About 2 years ago, I finally made the decision to do it, I was like 'I'm only young once I don't want to regret not going and missing out on an opportunity to work in the entertainment industry, because I wanted to be an actor since I was like 13.

ITL: The season finale hasn’t aired yet but the sneak peak shows that you’ve gotten in touch with an agent in order to help further your career. And if so, do you believe being on the show had anything to do with it?
Dave: The season finale has aired and it has helped me procure more acting gigs, more opportunity and finally an agent! Yes, the show has definitely helped and people know my face from the show and want to do work with me.

ITL: There’s this rumor online that there may be a possibility that you’ll be baring it all for Playgirl. Is this indeed just a ‘rumor’ or can we expect to be seeing you in your birthday suit anytime soon?
Dave: Hey the Playgirl thing was a rumor, not that I am ashamed of my body. I love this comment Will Ferrell made, 'when u got it u gotta flaunt it', ha ha he cracks me up! I love saying that while joking around. I do modeling so I'm used to being in a swim suit or underwear, hell I rode the mechanical bull in my underwear on the show for cryin out loud, but never done a nude shoot before.

ITL: There’s no denying you’re a good looking guy & you’re a bit of a flirt. I’m sure getting a date has never been an issue for you, but would you say being on the show has helped or hurt your chances with the ladies?
Dave: I'm a big flirt! Big tease sometimes and some girls take it the wrong way I guess, because they think I want to date them. I have had no problems getting a date before the show and I have no problems getting dates with the show.  Now I have to be a little more selective with who I want because I have girls coming to me all the time wanting to hang out or go for a date. But, I'm a good guy, love to have fun and make people laugh, I am a very good catch!

ITL: Wanting to be an actor means you have to be comfortable in front of the camera, did it come easy to you to be followed by a camera crew just about everywhere you went?
Dave: You know at first it was awkward! I'm like, 'there is a fucking camera in my face, I just have to be myself, okay how do I be me?' Ha-ha, it took a few days but I definitely got used to it and have no issuses with it now, if anything this show has made me very comfortable in front of a camera.

ITL: I did a Google search on you, hoping to find out some juicy dirt but didn’t find anything. I guess this is good news for you but it also means that the world doesn’t know much about you. Tell me 5 interesting facts about yourself…
Dave: Yeah, not too much in the Google news just yet, besides that Playgirl thing ha-ha! I'm a good guy! 5 things about me...
  1. I Love football and I am a die hard green bay packers fan!
  2. I do lots of impersonations, I have an amazing John Madden impersonation! No joke!
  3. I have over 120 cousins thru 3 generations, my grandma had 13 kids! I love my family, I'm a big family guy!
  4. I love the out doors. I love fishing and working out, playin sports, pumpin iron haha.
  5. I was a late bloomer in high school. I was a nerd in Jr. High, braces and glasses and short! 11th grade rolled around and I lost the braces, glasses, and grew like 10 inches. It was quite the transformation, ha-ha!
ITL: You and Nancee are friends, sometimes even ‘kissing friends’, but when it came down to discussing your relationship neither of you would actually admit you were into each other even though it was quiet apparent. Since the show, have you two become more than friends?
Dave: Yeah, me and Nancee have made out before, a few times, like she's honestly one of my best friends. She'd do anything for me and its mutual. I love partying with her and hangin out as well, we definetly get into some trouble together! Ha-ha, but if we are more then friends? We'll have to wait and see in season 2 ;)

ITL: Cabo…it’s a great place to party and have a fling. Did Nancee end up taking you with her on the trip she won? And if so, did you guys end up pretending to be on your honeymoon like she had suggested you do?
Dave: Nancee brought me to Cabo! We had a blast, I lost my passport the first day we got there, I freaked out! And blacked out in the hallway of our hotel resort the first night! It was a hell of a time! We did not act like a married couple on our honey moon! We fucking raged! Ha-ha

ITL: If acting doesn’t work out for you do you think you’ll ever move back to Minnesota or are you a West coaster for life?
Dave: I may move back to Minnesota one day, no time soon, but its more relaxed then it is out here! I like kicking it back mid-west style, drinking beers with friends and partying but for now I have to stay focused on being in L.A. and what I came out here to do and act, so my focus is here now.

ITL: Los Angeles is full of people hoping to be actors, if acting doesn’t work out for you do you have a back up plan?
Dave: I have a back up plan, when I exhaust all my other options. There is lots of things to do out here, I will be successful.

ITL: There hasn’t been any news on there being a season 2 of Saddle Ranch but if there is and they ask you to return, will you take them up on the offer?
Dave: Season 2, count me in! Cept get ready for the wild side of me! Filming with these guys I got to know them all very well and if and when we get a season 2 we all are gonna tear it up! Its gonna be awesome!!

ITL: If you learned one thing out of being on the show, what would you say it was?
Dave: Being on the show has made me realize stay true to myself, stay humble, stay me! I had so much fun on the show, I hope we can keep this momentum going and film a second season soon!

Me too Dave! You hear that VH1, get rid of whatever you have to *cough* Audrina's show *cough*, but give the viewers a 2nd season of Saddle Ranch.

Dave was pretty careful not to let too much info slip when it comes to he & Nancee, although I'm not too sure this flirty playboy is actually ready to settle down, and I love the fact that he openly admitted to being a pretty big nerd in Jr. High...at least all those years with braces are paying off now with that gorgeous smile.

If you never watched the show but are now curious to know what the hell I'm raving about, there's no need to go and illegally download it cause you can view full episodes of Saddle Ranch here.

Can't get enough of Dave? You can follow him on Twitter & Facebook, but try not to be all stalker-like, OK.