Emma Stone Rocks A Hot Bikini On Vanity Fair Cover!

Her newest role is playing Spiderman's love interest in The Amazing Spiderman but she wasn't always a superstar.

In next month's issue of Vanity Fair the super sexy Emma Stone dishes about one of her jobs at a dog bakery before making it big, how she left high school for a movie role & how she prefers to keep her family and love life to herself.

According to Vanity Fair the beautiful 22-year-old actress begins her interview by stating she's guilty of "micro-managing"and laying out her clothes the night before and also setting her coffee machine for the next morning...
I think I’m a Type A personality who’s trying to convince herself she’s Type B"
Stone, who we've usually seen as a fiery redhead traded in her colored locks for her natural blonde for her Spiderman role. She's been recently spotted sporting her red hair again...I'm glad!

When asked questions about her person life she stated:
Talking about this stuff is pretty new,” Stone, who won’t say if she is single or not, says of being asked by the press about her personal life. The actress concludes that “the only solution I’ve come to when it comes to things like that—the health of my family or dating, really personal things—is not to talk about it."
And when it comes to what exactly got her where is now...well, she likes to think it was her role as Jewels in the super hilarious Superbad, which she left high school to move to Los Angeles and film:
I did Superbad in what would’ve been my senior year,” she says. “I was playing a senior, and had I graduated I would’ve missed that opportunity, and had I missed that opportunity I wouldn’t be here right now.
I never really cared for her as blonde, it seems to age her a bit, but she looks amazing on this cover. It's very 50's and she's totally rockin' that red & white bikini...which Emma was not too comfortable in.
I usually wear a one-piece,”
I think she's amazing, honestly I have a bit of a girl crush going on and I can't wait to see her upcoming movies: Friends with Benefits, Stupid, Crazy, Love, and The Help.

You can pick up the newest issue of Vanity Fair on June 30 & on your IPad July 5.