Diablo Cody Will Try Her Hand At Directing!

Diablo Cody is best known for penning 2007's hit movie, Juno starring Ellen Page and Michael Cera (and let's all {try to} forget that she wrote that awful horror film Jennifer's Body) but she's ready for something new.

The Oscar winner is ready to sit in the director's chair for her directorial debut of Lamb of God.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cody wrote the Lamb of God script, which is based on a conservative religious woman who starts to question her faith. After a plane crash, she makes up her mind to try out life as a sinner in Las Vegas.

Sounds...entertaining.  I know that everyone and their mom praised her for Juno but honestly I didn't really care for the movie. I was more into who starred in the movie than the actual script itself. She's good but I don't think she's great.

Guess we'll have to wait & see if Lamb of God or her newest penned project, Young Adult, which stars Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson will be any good.